Monday 17 June 2024


Sergio Gobi
Tango singer
    Sergio Gobi

was born in Argentina, in the province of Buenos Aires.
After going through the argentinean folklore and the bosa nova, in the beginning of 1990s he finally dedicates himself to the tango.

He lives in Berlin from 2001. Since 2002 he is the singer of the famous tango orchestra Sexteto Andorinha.

He is popular and sought among musicians and singers, and has been a member of a number of tango formations like La Rolando Rivas, 6 Australes, Tangente, Quinteto Ángel, Orquesta Típica Sabor a Tango, Puro Apronte, Tango Fascinación.

Sergio Gobi is also a composer of tango music and an accomplished painter.

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